I Hear Giants Falling

There is a remnant of people living on the earth right now who have the finisher anointing on them. They are not going to stop pursuing the enemy until they are completely defeated and destroyed. This remnant is undercover in every mountain of society. You do not know their names, at least not yet, but they are fighting a covert war for the nations and they are not going to stop until the enemy is defeated.

The Lord is at the head of this remnant; He has charged them to obey His voice; He has taught them to trust His leadership; He has tasked them to utterly defeat the enemies that most people do not even recognize are among them. This remnant of people have the finishers anointing and they will not stop until the enemy is completely defeated; the people are truly set free; and the land is undeniably at rest from war.

Like the Green Berets or Navy Seals, they are working underground, undercover, in hidden places not seen by the eyes of men and women on earth. They are not posting about all their victories, they are not promoting their prophecies which have come true, but they are receiving smiles, accolades and affirmation from the One that really matters. His approval is what keeps them going; His leadership is what keeps them pursuing.

You see high gas prices and inflation, they see the crumbling a financial system that seeks to destroy you, control you, enslave you. You see delays in Supreme Court decisions, they see panic behind the doors of the benches. You see empty store shelves, supply chain issues and even talk of a recession from upper level management, they see the enemy being starved of resources and running for cover.

My friends, God has ordained for such a time as this, men and women who are defeating an enemy we did not know we had. This is God’s operation, God’s war and no man can stop what God has started, for He has anointed them with a finisher anointing. Judges 1 says, “It came about when Israel became strong, that they put the Canaanites to forced labor, but they did not drive them out completely.” There is a new Israel on the earth and they will finish off the giants in the land, so the earth can have rest from war and the control of people we cannot see. I hear giants falling!

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