Judgment Is A Good Thing

One of the more feared words in the world is the word judgment. People continually say, “Don’t judge me.” There is such a fear of being judged because we do not understand what judgment is in the fullness of its definition. Judgment is not just condemnation, which is how most people hear the word. Judgment is not just separation, which is another common way people hear the word. Judgment is also the decree of a ruler in a case; for some judgement is vindication, for others judgement is liberation. When the Bible says, God is judge of all the earth, that is nothing to be fearful of, unless you are acting unjustly. The righteous should not fear judgment, but rather welcome it, not as an act of wrath on our enemies, but as an act of deliverance for humanity.

Psalm 76:8-9 says, “You caused judgment to be heard from heaven;

The earth feared and was still when God arose to judgment, to save all the humble of the earth.” Selah.

When God arises to judge, that means He has seen and heard enough to make a decree that will release deliverance to those who are being oppressed. I don’t know about you, but I am asking the Lord to release His judgment against our adversaries. The nations need God to deliver us, we need salvation and vindication right now. I want to hear the decree of God’s judgment for I know it is not condemnation but liberation for the nation. We need to align our words with God’s word. Judgment is a good thing, for God is a righteous judge.

Psalm 76:12 says, “He will cut off the spirit of princes; He is feared by the kings of the earth.” The spirit of the princes are the principalities Paul speaks about in Ephesians 6:10-12. My friends, God’s judgment is our vindication and salvation. Arise, Oh God and release your judgment on the earth, cut off the spirit of the princes and thank you the kings fear you. We will give you praise for your salvation of our nation. In Jesus Name!

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