Time To Be Tapped

I see people like kegs, full of rivers of living water, full of Holy Spirit power and authority, but if you know anything about kegs, they can be 8 or 16, full of something to consume but sealed off. Kegs are wonderful containers, but without a tap they never release what is inside of them. I see people like kegs, they have been filled with gifts, words, songs, rivers of living water, but they have not been tapped, so they don’t realize how much is inside of them. I see 8 gallon kegs, 16 gallon kegs, I see them, they are sitting in churches around the world, they are standing in pulpits, they are working in companies, they are raising children, they are retired in the natural. Kegs, kegs, kegs, I see them everywhere.

The thing about kegs is they just sit there until partnered with a tap. The tap is what breaks the seal and opens up what is inside of the keg, the tap is attached to the keg, but until the tap is pumped what is inside the keg is still just sitting there. I see taps being placed on kegs and the tap is coming with someone to pump what is inside of you out of you. There are rivers of living water inside of you. Jesus said in John 4 rivers of living water will flow out of your belly. You are a keg, you are a well, you are filled you just need to be tapped, pumped, activated.

I see the Lord releasing activation to the kegs, the well, to the church. It is like the church has been a warehouse filling up people with the word and worship and prophesy day after day, week after week, revival after revival, but now God is about to tap you, pump you, activate you. You are about to release rivers of living water from inside of you. There is more in you than you realize, because you have not been tapped. The days of waiting at over, it is now time in the kingdom of God. We are about to experience the sound of rushing water, for the people of God are pouring out rivers of living water.

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