The Conference of the Crows

The way you walk will determine what you hear. If you walk by the flesh you will hear what flesh has to say; if you walk by the spirit, you will hear what the spirit has to say. Can I tell you a secret, the spirit is a lot more interesting to listen to then flesh is. The spirit tells you things in parables, in riddles, in revelations that man knows nothing about. It is like you hear a whole new language and it is truly fascinating, awe inspiring and enjoyable in a way that is hard to describe. If believers all walked by the spirit, we would not have confusion amongst us, because right now we hear the flesh and the spirit and many people don’t know what to believe. But if you walk by the spirit, you hear it when the spirit is speaking.

This morning, I was out on the back porch praying and reading my bible and there was a sound of crows having a conference in the trees right outside. It was loud, it was long and it caught my attention. This conference of crows went on for literally 15 minutes. The sound was hard on the ears, for one crow is loud but imagine close to 50 or more crows gathering and they were all talking. I pulled out my recorder and recorded it for one minute, just to have it and then I asked the Lord, what is this conference of crows happening in the backyard all about? It was not a normal occurrence in this ever so quiet backyard. Immediately I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s the sound of marching in the top of the mulberry trees.” I knew this was a scripture, so I open my bible to see what the Lord is saying.

1 Chronicles 14:13-17 says, “The Philistines raided the valley again. Again David asked for God’s counsel. This time do not attack them directly. Circle behind their forces and attack from their rear coming out from the balsam trees. When you hear marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then go out to fight. I will have already attacked the Philistine army before you arrive.” Immediately the presence of God flooded me and the Lord said, “The battle is mine!” I knew he was talking about the battle for the nations we are in.

Friends, the Lord Himeself is dealing with our enemies, I know this is hard for us to just stand and see the salvation of our God. We are not called to fight we are called to stand, watch, listen, see, hear, for the Lord of Hosts, the God of Angel Armies is fighting our enemies and winning in ways we have yet to see, but when the victory is revealed we are going to shout for joy. How do I know, because I heard it in the conference of the crows this morning.

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