A Vast Army

I heard the phrase MESSANGERS WITHOUT MICROPHONES yesterday afternoon, it caught me off guard at first for there was no context for it. I began to meditate on this phrase and as I did I saw a large group of people and then I heard the Lord began to utter these words…

“There are more of you; you are a vast army; your voice has power to shake nations, change situations and make declarations. You are my messangers without microphones. You are not second class prophets; you are not cast away ministers; you are My messangers without microphones. I hear your prayers; I see your deeds; I know your desires. I hear you, I see you, I know you. You are a vast army, there are more of you than you realize and I AM at the head of you; I AM the glory behind you; I AM the fire within you. Don’t be quiet; don’t be still’ advance of army of messangers without microphones; the nations need to hear the sound of your voice speaking; the sound of your feet marching; the sound of your tears hitting the dry ground. I AM with you mighty warrior; I know the sound of your voice my messangers without microphones.”

The Lord is activating a new army on the earth to take the land. It is an army that sings in their car while driving down the highway; they pray in their closets where no one can hear them; they prophesy in places that are out of sight; they preach to creation and in a variety of locations. They are varied in age; they are not resisted because of their gender. They’ve already been approved by God so they don’t need to prove anything to man. They are a generation who don’t have pulpits, platforms, performances or public acclaim. They are God’s Messangers Without Microphones.

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