I See The Camels Coming

The Camels Are Coming And They Are Loaded With Resources

Maybe you have heard the phrase the camels are coming. It evokes an image of the Queen of Sheba coming to Solomon with camels that are loaded with gifts for the King of Israel (1 Kings 10:1-13). When people say the camels are coming, it is usually tied to supply, resources, wealth or other benefits coming your way. The Bible is filled with verses talking about camels, but it does not just relate them to wealth, they have other correlations as well.

Camels were carriers of supply, they carried people, riches, or whatever needed to be carried. Camels also were military animals. They are known as the camel calvary, which worked best in desert warfare. It is said that that smell of the camel alarmed and disorientated horses making them an effective weapon in war. King Cyrus (Isaiah 45) and King Xerxes (Esther 1 and 2) both used camels in military battles. Judges 6:5 speak of the Midianites using camels as part of their military. Camels also carried gifts, the wise men who brought Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh, brought it on camels.

A little more information on camels is that they are highly adaptable animals. Encyclopedia Brittanica says, “they are known for their ability to go long periods of time without drinking water. This is why they are called the “ships of the desert”. Camels have been exploited for milk, meat, wool or their hides, they are truly a resource animal in every way. Camels are the reason many traditional lifestyles in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia have developed. Camels create commerce.”

Why all this talk about camels, because it is the year 5783 and the Lord said, “The Camels Are Coming and They Are Loaded With Resources”. But who are the camels? They are those who made it through the wilderness. They are coming to resource the body of Christ; they are coming as givers of good gifts; they are coming to lift burdens off of people; they are coming to distribute wealth to people; they are coming to release wisdom and revelation about commerce and Calvary to the body of Christ. The camels company of ministers are not coming to take something from you, they are coming to give something to you.

Isaiah 60:6 says, “A multitude of camels will cover you…they will bring gold and frankincense and will bear the good news of the praises of the Lord.” They are coming with good news. Isaiah 21:6-7, 9 says, “For thus says the Lord to me, Go, station the lookout, let him report what he sees. When he sees riders, horsemen in pairs, a train of donkeys, a train of camels, let him pay close attention, very close attention. Now behold, here comes a troop of riders, horsemen in pairs. And one said, fallen, fallen is Babylon; and all the images of her gods are shattered on the ground.” The train of camels is coming with really good news that will change everything.

Hebrew year 5783 is here, it is the decade of 80 = pey = to speak and 3 = gimel/camel. 83 is the year of good news coming and you can see it because the camels are coming and they are loaded with resources. Listen to the voice of the camels, for there is a train of them coming with good news and great resources. They are coming from the desert to bring you revelation of Jesus the Christ, who is the Good News and abundance!

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