Trudging Is Training

When we see people’s highlight moments we do not always consider they have everyday moments and low life moments as well. We can look at someone else’s life and think they are living the dream, not realizing they have attacks from the enemy as well. No matter how popular the person may be in culture, how much they travel for ministry or marketplace, or how great their marriage looks, everyone has low life moments, everyday moments and highlight moments. We as people are more alike than we realize.

The month of October is a month in the USA when the demonic is celebrated intentionally or unintentionally. People put skulls in their yard, ghosts in their trees, spiders on their doors, and jack o lanterns on their steps. Witches, devils, goblins, and other ghouls are represented in costumes. Television shows turn to vampires, horror movies and various other dark content in mass during this month. Therefore, the atmosphere becomes thick with the celebration of the demonic and whether we realize it or not, it affects our spirits.

If you feel like there is a dark cloud over you, or you are struggling in an unusual way, it is possibly because it is October. Stores and streets alike celebrate death this month but we are people of life and light, so it can feel like trudging through mud. I woke up today feeling this way and tried to pray but it was difficult. Every challenge was in my face, every ache was screaming like a small child. I put my hands in my face and said, Lord, I don’t understand and immediately the Holy Spirit said, “You need to watch the Karate Kid.” I know to some of you that doesn’t sound like the Holy Spirit, but when I read the caption about the movie, it shifted the atmosphere.

It says, “When misfit teen Daniel moves to LA, bullies target him immediately. Eager to fight back, he enlists karate master Mr. Miyagi, to teach him how. Under Miyagi’s wise tutelage, Daniel learns to be a champion.” My friends, we are under the wise tutelage of the Holy Spirit, He is training us to be champions, we are being trained even now for things we cannot see and we will win because of our training. Don’t quit when the enemy presses in, put a time limit on your emotions and lets go, God is about to put us in the position He has trained us for.

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