From The Ark to The Throne

It’s a new day! I love that we serve a God that is continually creating new days for people. When you are born again, it is a new day. When you get married, it’s a new day. When you have a baby, it’s a new day. When you get a new job, it’s a new day. When you move to a new city, it’s a new day. When you meet a new friend, it’s a new day. There are so many things made new all time all around us. We experience new things all the time. It is so refreshing to see the new, feel the new, walk into the new. It is unknown, like going from single to married, or married to parenting. It is unknown going from being an unbeliever to a believer, the new day brings a lot of unknowns, but we know when it is a new day and we learn to navigate the new day.

When it comes from going from single to married, the new day means no more other lovers, for you have chosen the one. The new day always brings with it, the shedding of some old behaviors and the embracing of some new ones. No one made us get married, have children, take that job, give out life to Jesus, we said yes, we want the new day. Well, God has chosen a new day for us in our generation. It is going to mean letting go of some things we used to do in order to learn life in this new day.

Reading Jeremiah 3 this morning, put language to this new day. “I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will guide you with knowledge and understanding. And when your land is once more filled with people, says the LORD, you will no longer wish for ‘the good old days’ when you possessed the Ark of the LORD’s Covenant. You will not miss those days or even remember them, and there will be no need to rebuild the Ark. In that day Jerusalem will be known as ‘The Throne of the LORD.’ All nations will come there to honor the LORD.” The new day God has given us is not one of the Ark of the Covenant, but one of the Throne of the Lord. It’s a new day!

The kingdom of God has a king, henceforth, the throne of the Lord. We have lived with the ark, but now the new day has a throne. We have a king who is in charge, who provides, protects, heals, delivers. He is the King of kings, He rules with righteousness and justice. There is no need to rebuild the ark, for we have a King and His name is Jesus and we have entered the new day of His kingdom era. Welcome to the new day of the Throne of the Lord!

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