We Are In This Together

Good morning church,

Church is not a building we attend this morning, it is a people, it is who we are. Yes we will gather in different buildings and we should, for we cannot get corporate worship anywhere else; we should gather in a building because we need corporate encouragement; we should gather in a building because we need to see each other consistently; and we should gather corporately in a building because we have words of life others need to hear. But the church is not the building, it is you and me, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, we have the mind of Christ, we are powerful when we are together.

One of the enemies ancient tactics for each generation is to make us into a me for the we will crush him under our feet (Romans 16). People stay home thinking that is what is best for me, not realizing we need you with us. The enemy whispers in people’s ears about how little I get to have the microphone, the platform, the title, it is all about the me, but the we says, if he or she is on our team, then we are leading worship, we are preaching, we are praying, we are prophesying. We are a team, so which ever member is shining in that moment, it matters not, for we all get the victory and He gets the glory.

I was watching football yesterday and realizing how hard those offensive and defensive linemen work, but very rarely do they credit for blocking. The blocking is why the quarterback could made that pass to the receiver who got the touchdown. This is why you see 300 plus pound men run to the end zone and lift up that receiver, because they are playing as a we and not a me. Church, we must break the lie of me and embrace the we. We are a team, we are a body, we are in this together. The local church is a we and we need them for when the local we’s come together on Sunday that is a huge corporate we that is happening nationwide, worldwide. It’s time to stop thinking me and embrace the we, because where we are going, we need all of us.

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