Becoming A Delicacy

A couple of days ago the Holy Spirit dropped a phrase in my spirit saying, “Intimacy is delicacy.” I nodded but did not lean into this phrase, for it did not fit what I was reading or pursing in prayer at that time. But the word delicacy has not let me go for the past two days, it has been mulling around in my thoughts. I think I know what delicacy is, but sensed I needed to look it up and I am sure glad I did. The definition of words is critical to obtaining fullness of understanding.

Delicacy – Something pleasing and appealing; fineness of appearance, construction or execution; elegance; sensitivity of perception; sensitivity to the feelings of others, to what is proper; undue sensitivity to or concern with what may be considered offensive or improper; the need for fact in treatment or handling; sensitivity to very small changes; refinement of feeling, manner or appreciation; accuracy or sensitivity of response or operation; the level of detail at which a linguistic description is made; the quality of being beautiful.

Intimacy with God produces in us delicacy!

The bride of Christ looks weathered, war torn from battles she was never called to fight. She seems rough and tough like one who has labored in the sun all day. Her language is harsh; her demeanor is distant and cold; she looks like one who labors, strives, struggles and strains as though she worships an idol. Yet the promise is for new wine and new wineskins. Wine is refined taste, it has delicate demeanor, it creates an elegant atmosphere. The bride of Christ is entering into intimacy in order to become a delicacy. Just like Esther’s beauty treatments she underwent to meet the king, the church is about to be beautified by eunuchs who have no hidden agenda in making her beautiful.

The church has been serving Boone’s or boxed wine, but we are about to be made into a vineyard that produces fine wine from the vineyard of God and we are getting both new wine and a new wineskin for our intimacy will produce in us delicacy.

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