Election Day 2022

You will never be able to convince me there is no God, nor will you ever convince me He is not involved in the affairs of men. How do i know? Because there are signs of His presence with us in everything we do and everywhere we go. The challenge is we do not know HIs language so we miss His voice in what seems “unusual/coincidental”.

I went to vote today and on my registration card they gave me, they wrote the number 22 in red ink. I took notice but did not think much about it, I mean it is 2022. Then I get to my voting booth and I am the 70th person to vote at that booth. Okay, now my ears are perked up. 22 and 70 at the Middle School in the cafeteria with a mural on the wall that says, “Generals”. Then I am walking my dog after returning home from voting and on the street, the very street I walk everyday, next to the curb in the dirt is a key, not just any key, a house key. Three puzzle pieces, at least that is what they are for me, because this is one way I hear the voice of God.

22, Isaiah 22, a chapter about a leadership change. 70, the number of years Israel was in Babylonian captivity, at the end of 70 years they were coming out. House key, a nod back to Isaiah 22:22 “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.” What key? Oh the house key or as stated in the verse the key of the house.

Finally, is that a 64 on the house key I found on the ground? I wrote this morning about the number 64 as it ties to Israel elections. The whole number on the key is 643 and the Strongs says, in Hebrew this number is palace and in Greek it means to prepare, equip, to pack up one’s bag. Hmmmmmm, either I am making things up or the Lord is speaking to me, we are about to see leadership change in a big way today.

What puzzle pieces did the Lord give you today?

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