The Great Awakening

The great awakening in a nation is the eyes of the people being opened not to some financial increase they receive in the bank, some promotion they receive at a job, not a spouse. they have been desiring and is now here, or any other prayer being prayed by so many around the world. No, the great awakening in a nation starts in the hearts of people. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6) and there are veils inside of us that God wants to tear. His death tore the veil of separation between us and Him for salvation, eternal life, assurance of salvation, access to His blood for the forgiveness of sins (Hebrews 6-9). There were not one but two veils in the temple in Jerusalem.

Since we are the temple now, there is also multiple veils in us that have blinded us from truths God has wanted us to see. I was speaking with a young man yesterday over lunch and he asked me why I do not give him a bunch of do’s and don’t in regards to his behavior and I said because your behavior is the fruit of a belief you are worthless which is the root. He shot his head up and looked at me and I said, you don’t believe you have value so you do valueless things. He was like how do you know this, I said because how we think is how we act, whether we realize it or not. A veil tore in his heart yesterday and the “aha” moment was obvious to me by his facial reaction. He had a great awakening.

This morning, I was praying Psalm 30 and it says, “Your anger lasts for the night your favor is for a lifetime.” Lifetime favor, hmmmmm. As I was praying into this verse the Lord took me on a tour of my whole life and said, “Favor looked different in varying times of your life, but you have lifetime favor.” I never saw it before this morning. I always saw the rejection, the faults, the bad choices, but today the Lord opened my eyes to the lifetime favor He has bestowed on me. I had a great awakening.

Now for you, it’s the time of the great awakening, the Lord is opening our eyes to things we could not see before and when we see them we will be astonished at how the Lord corrects us up in our thinking. As we are awakened, others will see it and it will wake them up, or as we wake others up to how God has been working in their life, it will wake something up in us. All I know is we are in the midst of a great awakening.

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