Kingdom Synergy

In the age of religion there was an acceptance of compartmentailizing things. It seemed as though it was acceptable to act one way at home but project from the pulpit a completely different lifestyle. There was a tolerance of ungodly behavior because they carried a certain title or office in the ministry. Many statements like “touch not my anointed” were tossed around so no one questioned what was being said or done. Even in Israel when Jesus walked the earth they compartmenalized one day as more holy than the other or one building more sacred than the rest. Religion loves to compartmentalize because it is a way to control what is going on. The age of religion is over, the fruit of religion is rotten and the days of compartmentalizing God are done.

The kingdom of God age is here, call it an era, an epoch, an age, but it is here in our midst and we can no longer live a compartmentalized life. The kingdom is synergistic. There is no state line in the kingdom, no city limits, nor are there any territories. Someone in Kansas can receive a dream, share it with someone in Tennessee and it activates a prophetic adventure that is going to change the financial trajectory of a nation. This is what synergy looks like. It is not about the one who had the dream or the one that goes to the destination location that gets the glory, but the Lord who has activated them both to operate synergistically for the liberation of a nation.

The bloodprint of the kingdom is manifesting more and more everyday. As it does we will see a synergy not just of people in various places, but of ministries, families, communities and authorities. When it says one can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight, that is about to be seen as this synergy continues to increase in our midst. There will be synergy between the genders where there has been division; there will be synergy between nations where there once was animosity; there will be synergy between people that will be unbreakable, and there will be synergy between heaven and earth of the likes we have never seen before. The kingdom age is synergistic in nature, it is going to be powerful!

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