Ring In The New Day

There is a new sound for a new day, but the sound is new to many of us but it is not new in history. The sound is that of the bell. Historically the ringing of bells was very prominent. When America was founded they rang the Liberty Bell. When church was about to start, they would ring the church bells. When an announcement was going to be made by the king’s town crier he would ring a bell to signal the announcement. We say things like, we are “ringing” in the New Year. The sound of the bell is about to be heard around the world. It is the new sound for the new day.

We have been hearing the sound of the shofar, the call to war, the call to gather in troops for battle, but there is a new sound being heard in the spirit and it is the sound of bells ringing. This new sound was brought to my attention by a comment made by my mentor when I told her about my newest prophetic adventure I am preparing for. She said to me, “Get a bell and ring in the new dispensation.” I said why a bell, the bell was not a familiar instrument for me in my prophetic tool belt, so she explained and I was captured by what the Lord was saying through her.

Yesterday I went and bought a bell, it is an antique brass bell, the sound is beautiful and then today while reading and praying the Lord said, “Ring in the new day!” I grabbed my bell, realized it is a new Hebrew month starting at sundown in Israel, which is morning here, and I rang in the new day. Then I did some research on bell ringing, did you know January 1, 2023 is Ring A Bell Day? We will be on location for our prophetic adventure that day, so this was a kiss from heaven for me. Ringing a bell has become a symbol of joy. In the 1700’s, the bell was the main means of calling people together or alerting them to news.

The new sound for the new day is the sound of the bell ringing. It is the sound of joy, it is the sound that ends wars, it is the sound that inaugurates a new day. My friends, listen closely, for the Lord is ringing His bell, calling us to come and gather with Him for He is announcing what the new day holds.

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