Moving From Salvation To Transformation

The transformation of a nation is happening even as we speak. Much of it is taking place behind the scenes so few can see it, but there are glimpses of the transformation that has come through the curtain as encouragement about what is happening. Just like when we got saved, there was a season of transition as the transformation that took root in us. Those who are being transformed into the character and mind of Christ understand the massive transformation that is taking place in the nation. It is of epic proportions.

Salvation was the declaration for our nation, Dutch Sheets has been decreeing for years, America Shall Be Saved. Salvation is deliverance, it is transformation, it is identification that we belong to God. Many have fought against the salvation of this nation, but God decreed it and Dutch Sheets echoed it along with many others in the nation. America has been and continues to be saved. God heard the cries of the people in this nation asking for her salvation, and He has responded in kind. He has forgiven our national sins, for many have 2 Chronicles 7:14’d for our nation in DC and in various other places around the nation. God heard, God answered, God accepted our repentance and America has been saved.

Now what we are seeing is not the salvation of a nation, but the transformation stage of a nation. Matthew 28 tells us to disciple nations, discipleship is where transformation happens. There are signs of our nation being discipled all around us for those who know what transformation of a nation looks like. One of the main transformations taking place is the renewing of the mind of a nation from wickedness ruling to righteousness reigning. The nations is smack dab in the middle of Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Leaders who can’t see where the nation is going will lose their influence because God has decided to disciple our nation in righteousness and justice again. America has been saved, now she is being transformed.

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