From Grief to Confidence

When you have waited for an answer from God for any extended period of time, when that answer finally manifests, there is a confidence that comes and cannot be denied. It is not self-confidence, it is answered prayer confidence. It is faith. Faith is confidence that God does what He says He will do; that God answers prayer; that God does miracles. The enemy can taunt, trouble, tempt and talk, but when God answers the cry of your heart, when God reveals truth that sets you free, when God does what only God can do, confidence comes in way that establishes faith not just in the answer received, but in the reality that anything is possible.

Last week I woke up to the words, HOST RIGHTEOUSNESS. I have been sitting one these two words for a week now, not sure what is meant, but then this morning when I was praying Psalm 11, the Lord reminded me of the word He spoke to me, HOST RIGHTEOUSNESS. This morning, the Lord showed me that what He was saying, was one of His names, LORD of Hosts. Psalm 11 says, the LORD is righteous, so to HOST RIGHTEOUSNESS was a name He was speaking to me, He is the LORD of Hosts.

Searching out this name of God, I learned the first time God is called LORD of Hosts by a person is in 1 Samuel 1 in the story of Hannah, who was barren. Out of her grief, she called on God and used His name LORD of Hosts. That alone is powerful, but what spoke to me was how when God answered her prayer for a child, her confidence went to another level. It was like she went from grief to confidence and I believe that is where we are going. The body of Christ has been grief stricken by many things, but we are about to see answered to prayer and our confidence in God is about to shoot through the roof.

I wanted to end with what Hannah said at the end of her song, that she sang from a place of confidence. 2 Samuel 2:10 “The adversaries of the LORD shall be broken in pieces; From heaven He will thunder against them. The LORD will judge the ends of the earth. He will give strength to His king, And exalt the horn of His anointed.” She went from grieving about being barren to being confident that God was about to deal with the enemies in her nation. My friends, the days of grieving have ended, God has answered our prayers and now people are declaring confidently that God is about to deal with the enemies in our nation. And we are going to HOST RIGHTEOUSNESS as a nation. This is what confidence sounds like.

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