This Is God’s House

I love the fact that Sunday morning is baked into many cultures as the day we go to church. Some could see this as religious, but it is actually a sign of a culture that belongs to God. Even people that don’t go to church for whatever reason, know Sunday morning is the day we go to church. It matters not your spiritual status in life, men, women, children all over the world get up, get dressed and go to church on Sunday morning. The thought of this alone is so powerful.

I was talking to my friends brother yesterday morning and he spoke about the majority of the people in the church he goes to are middle of the road believers. He said it more than once and even those people, who may not have a lot of faith, who may not be “on fire” are still going to church on Sunday morning. Sunday morning is a powerful day of the week and we should not underestimate what really goes on during this time of the week.

When we understand the power of church, we treat people kindly. Many people who are lovers of God, worshippers of God and friends of God do not go to church on Sunday morning. Not because they don’t love God, but because leaders in church have not created a safe place for the people of God. God’s house is supposed to be a safe place for God’s people and when it is not, people choose to stay home rather than come to church.

Now there are others who used to go to church and don’t anymore, because of many reasons. I met some girls on Thursday who have soft hearts, but you wouldn’t have known it because they are tattoo’d from head to toe, literally. They know who God is, but something happened in their life and they walked away from church and God, but their hearts are so soft and it was obvious.

My fellow church leaders and friends, we must realize who we are, the influence we carry and the house we represent. God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son…we are called to love God and love people, to do this we must die to ourself, so we can truly see others around us. People are hurting, people are seeking, people are wanting to come to God’s house, but they don’t feel safe and that is on us as leaders of His house. We must repent for not creating a safe place for people to come and meet God. This does not mean we comprimise the truth of the gospel, but we represent Jesus Christ well by loving others as He loved us. We need them and they need us, and we all need Jesus!

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