Thin Veil Time

The veil is thin between heaven and earth right now. These are not two distinct locations above us or beneath us, they are inside of us. People are sensing the thin veil inside of them. There is a supernatural desire for God that is pulsating in us, we don’t fully understand it, but we know it is there. Spiritually sensitive people are reaching out spontaneously to others saying, do you want to pray, they are speaking words of life over people and their words are piercing the darkness in the hearer. Souls are being healed from lifelong wounds, minds are being renewed from lifelong faulty wiring and hearts are being healed from word curses. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you sense it? It is happening spontaneously and in a variety of places.

The veil inside of us has always been thin, but people are casting off weights and sin that so easily has entangled them (Hebrews 12:1). They can sense the day we are living in is significant. There is a restoration of righteousness that is happening in the hearts of people. We are seeing the manifestation of the enemy being kicked out, not him taking over. Remember when demons left that had to put on a “show” before they would go. I hear in the spirit the words “bye, bye, bye!” The enemy is being evicted not established in our nation and the nations.

What is the Lord inviting us into right now, I believe it is a James 4 invitation, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” If you will just draw near, you will find Him right there. He is so close right now, He is so present and active in the world right now, He is inviting you to draw near, for He wants to remove the weight of fear so you can carry the joy of the Lord. He is so close, draw near, it will remove your fear and then you will see what He sees and hear what He is saying. It is really good news He is speaking! Draw near.

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