Learn HIS Comms

Understanding the way another is communicating is critical to any relationship. There are a myriad of books on marriage, with the priority subject being communication. Reason being, men and women communicate differently and we need to learn one another’s comms. The military has different comms than civilians do, therefore, to go into the military and be successful, you have to learn their comms. Morse code, Hamm radio, Millennial’s text messages, they all have their own comms and if you do not know their comms you will not understand what they are saying.
The same is true with God. Many people have said they can’t hear the voice of God, but I would propose that we can all hear the voice of God, but very few people know HIS comms. God does not speak the way most people think. God’s comms are multilayered, for example, His people, the Hebrews, have a language that is tri-layered. The Hebrew language is letters, numbers and pictures. If you do not realize this, you will never be able to understand Hebrew and may I add, you will never fully comprehend God. You may say, how can you say that, because God created language, all language and there is more being said all the time than people can hear or understand.
God speaks in many ways, but three are obvious, He speaks with letters (the Word of God) for Paul says in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”; He speaks with pictures (images, symbols, visions, dreams) which we find throughout scripture from books like Daniel or Revelation or in Genesis 12 when God tells Abraham to look up and count the stars in order to know how many descendants he will have; and He speaks with numbers as noted in John 21 where it says they caught 153 fish for example. For those that do not understand the comms of God, they relegate pictures and numbers to the “prophetic people”, but God meant all of His comms for all people.
In a generation where information is abundant, we do not have an excuse as to why we cannot learn the comms of God. However, I would first get to know God, through His word, before you try to understand God through His comms. The reason being is, until you know the nature and character of God, you will not understand what He is saying through His comms like pictures and numbers. But with that being said, we should be able to build upon the letters, the Words of God, to learn the comms of God which include pictures and numbers.
The way to learn God’s comms is to lean in when you sense a nudge, maybe it is a reoccurring number you see, the first step to find out what it means is to go to the Word. I see 44 all the time, it is like my number right now, so I started out with Genesis 44, then went to Isaiah 44, onto Ezekiel 44 and God led me to Matthew 4:4, I do this because as I read these passages it gives me an idea, based on the context in which I saw the number, as to what God might be saying to me and I have scripture to back up my thoughts. In the realm of pictures, I have dreams with pictures that I search out what the picture means, once I know what God is saying, I spare no expense in time or travel to go to where God is showing me to do what He needs done. This takes time to learn, but I believe, He is inviting us to know His comms, for He is speaking, but for many they are not hearing and He wants to be heard, so learn HIS comms.