Who Are You, In My Life?

Many people come into our lives and if we do not know who they are, we will miss why they have come into our lives. There are three types of people God will send to walk with us. Knowing the difference between the three, will help you understand more clearly, who they are for you and then you will be able to steward them well. People, money and revelation all need to be stewarded well, if we want people, money and revelation to increase. For what you value increases, that is why knowing who they are, can help you give them the value they deserve, so you can attract more people into your life.
One type of person that comes into your life are Paul type people. These people are coming to coach you, mentor you, lead you, train you in some way. Paul type people are not going to hang out with you all the time, but as you learn to value their role in your life, you will realize they carry wisdom to help you in your walk with Christ. In the Bible, the apostle Paul, was a mentor to many people. He would plant churches in various cities, raise up people to lead those churches, then he would move on, but he never left those people behind. He carried them in his heart, so they would write him letters with questions, concerns or comments and he would respond by writing them back. The more they valued him in their life, the more helpful he was to them. I believe everyone has at least one Paul in their life and some people have more than one Paul in their life, but these Paul type people, knowing you, love you, speak truth to you, but they are not people you are hanging out with daily, they are more of a mentor type person to you. Learning how to value the Paul’s in your life is critical, for they do not share their wisdom in passing, the more they are valued, the more they release what they know to you.
A second type of person that comes into your life is the Barnabas type person. This is your largest section of people in your life. Barnabas people are your friends, your cheerleaders, your go to people for fun, friendship, processing, playing and practicing whatever you are working on. They love to laugh with you, cry with you, hang out with you, do life with you, remember, Barnabas was a son of encouragement (Acts 4:36). Most people have a lot of Barnabas’ in their life. Some stay for a long time, others come and go after a short stay, but just like the Paul’s in your life, the Barnabas’ need to feel valued, if you are going to keep you them in your life. We are social people, we like to do life with others, this is healthy for us, loneliness is not what we were made for. The Psalmist said, “God places the lonely into families.” We all need our Barnabas’ but we must value them if we are going to keep them. Reach out, say hi, ask how they are doing, take them to coffee, send them a card, invite them over for dinner, do something, for you need them and they need you. The more you value your friends, the easier it is to make friends, for very few people don’t like to be valued.
A third type of person that comes into your life is the Timothy type person. These people are ones that God is bringing to you for discipleship purposes. They may be young believers, or immature Christians, they may be seeking out someone to show them the ways of the Christian walk. They are usually teachable, seeking advice and looking for answers. Timothy’s are usually immature spiritually, so you need to extend them grace as you seek to help them grow. When God sends you a Timothy, He is inviting you to be a Paul to that person, take it as a compliment, from God, that He is entrusting these people to you. There are so many people, that are not sure who’s voice they are hearing; who want to do the right thing, but have never been discipled. Look around you, has God placed Timothy’s in your life to disciple and you did not notice them? They need to be valued, for they are members of this body and need you, that is why God is bringing them to you. Share your testimony with them, let them watch you live for Jesus, much is caught, as well as taught. They are watching whether you know it or not.
Who are you in my life? That is a great question to ask when people are brought into your life. Now of course unbelievers are brought into your life as well and the way you speak and act, will reveal Christ and His nature of your flesh. For you are a living epistle, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. People are seeking right now, more so than in our recent history and you need to know who they are in your life, so you can serve them, well. Jesus said, “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matthew 9:36-38). You are standing in the middle of a harvest field, now it’s time to find out who that person is, in your life and value them!

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