Habitation Reformation

Many recognize we are not where we were, but we are not yet where we are going. Other realize, we know what has been, but are unsure of what is coming. Some are pointing to another wave of salvations, some are pointing to another visitation, and some are not sure what to call it. But everyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear know something of the likes we have never seen before is about to happen in the body of Christ on earth. Names like harvest, revival, outpouring, reformation, awakening, and even revolution have all been thrown around, but no clear picture of what is coming has taken hold in the most amplified voices in our nation and the Christian world. People with platforms, pulpits and places to proclaim the message, are not saying, yet, what God is speaking to the ground troops. People who do not have platforms other than Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Soundcloud are saying what God is doing, but their voice is yet to be amplified on a large scale, but God is about to turn up the volume on these people’s voices, for they are speaking the same thing, for they are hearing the same voice, for they all have the same head over the church, Jesus the Christ.

These men and women are not seeking to be seen or heard, they are seeking to be faithful. They have allowed the fire of His presence to purify their character, they have learned to walk in His ways, they have sought the face of a man, not the applause of people or the wealth of another. They are the ones who made it through the narrow gate that leads to life, they are the ones who are living in childlike dependence and they are hearing the mysteries of the kingdom, for they have been mining the depths of God’s heart and soaring into the throne room of God’s courts. These people have used their patio as their platform, their prayer closet as their war room, their car as their sanctuary, and they have learned how to commune with the King of kings. They are without title, without system, without the trappings of religion, they are free to sing a little louder, pray a little longer, and linger like a lover. They have learned what it means to become one with Him in spirit and in truth. These are the coming ones who will preach the gospel of the kingdom.

God is about to unlock the third fold of His threefold message of the kingdom. It is nothing new to God, nor to history, but it will be new to our generation. It will build on the past and lead us into the future. It is not a competing message, it is a completing message. I will complete the gospel of the kingdom message, it will mature the body of Christ, it will cause us to exponentially increase in the prosperity of our soul (3 John 2). Are you ready for more of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven?

In the 1500’s Martin Luther led a Salvation Reformation. He preached that we are saved by faith, not by works. It was a reformation that changed the way we view salvation. In the 1900’s we had a Visitation Reformation led by William Seymour. God restored the Holy Spirit’s power and operation in the lives of believers. It was a powerful addition to the salvation reformation. Now, we are on the verge of another reformation, a Habitation Reformation. A habitation reformation is going to reveal to us that we are called to be ONE with Christ, according to John 14, 15, 16 this is the desire of Jesus Christ, that we would be One as He and His Father are One. The habitation reformation is going to bring us into oneness with Christ. This will be adding to the salvation reformation and the visitation reformation, not replacing it.

What the Lord showed me is that the salvation reformation was like Passover, everyone must come through the blood shed on the cross to be saved; next he revealed to me that the visitation reformation was like Pentecost, everyone is to be filled with the Holy Spirit, operating in power and speaking in tongues; and the Lord said, the habitation reformation will be like Tabernacles, everyone is invited into oneness, but just like salvation and visitation, not everyone will want to engage in it. This habitation reformation, will complete the cycle of the feasts of the Lord and make us complete as the body of Christ. Remember, Ephesians 4 says, we were given 5-fold leaders to train us, equip us and deploy us, so we may be mature and complete lacking nothing. The habitation reformation voices are about to arise in the earth and we will see a habitation reformation like nothing we have seen before in our generation. There is about to be people who literally have become one with Christ in character, power, authority and joy. We are on the verge of a habitation reformation!

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