Are you ready for some sevenfolds to happen in your life? Have you been in a battle for your marriage, your money, your ministry, your family, your nation, your church? Have you been warring for the promises God has spoken over your life? Are you ready for sevenfolds? You are not alone. Many in the body of Christ are battle weary, they wonder if this war is ever going to become a victory in reality not just in theory. Take heart my friends, God sees what we are dealing with and He is releasing truths that will refresh our souls in this hour. Get ready to release and receive some sevenfolds!

One of the weapons of my warfare is to pray a Psalm a day. The Psalmists give vernacular to situations individually, corporately and nationally that creates a prayer focus God wants, because it is His word, rather than what I may want. Notwithstanding, I was praying Psalm 79 this morning and the Lord caused verse 12 to jump off the page for me. It says, “Return to our neighbors (the enemies of Israel), sevenfold into their bosom the reproach with which they have reproached You, O Lord.” I had never seen that sevenfold before. The Lord says we can release a sevenfold reproach on our enemies. I was elated.

I don’t know about you, but the enemy has reproached the name of Yahweh in my life for far too long. To reproach means, to taunt, defy, shame, disgrace, defame, expose, and strip or pull off. God has given us promises through His word and through prophecy, through time spent alone listening to His voice and through the body of Christ, and the enemy has been taunting us for far too long. When I discovered to reproach is to defy, I remembered what Goliath said to David in 1 Samuel 17:10 “The Philistine said, I defy (reproach) the armies of Israel this day; give me a man that we may fight.” For 40 days and 40 nights, the enemy was reproaching, taunting, defying the God of Israel. Goliath was using psychological warfare on the armies of Israel and it paralyzed them. Many in the body of Christ have been paralyzed by the enemy’s psychological warfare, but I am here to tell you, the enemy was defeated then and will be defeated again.

You see, David, like us, was a carrier of the ark of the covenant, he knew that in 1 Samuel 5 & 6, the god of the Philistines, Dagon, fell facedown before the ark then and would do the same again. So, when Goliath came out taunting David, David came back with sticks and stones saying, I’m done with your taunting, your reproaching, your defying of the God of Israel and he slung a stone and it caused Goliath to fall facedown before David, just like Dagon did before the ark of the covenant. The Philistine spirit is a taunting, defying, reproaching spirit, that Psalm 79:12 says, we can decree sevenfold reproach on.

I see God releasing sevenfold reproach on the enemies of Yahweh, Yeshua and His people. I see the Lord releasing sevenfold return according to Proverbs 6:31, which says, “The thief must pay sevenfold when he is caught, he must give up all the wealth of his house.” We are going to see sevenfold reproach being released and the sevenfold restoration being received as God Himself rolls back the reproach off of His people, who are called by His name for such a time as this. Stand and keep on standing my friends, the enemy was defeated multiple times then and the same enemy will be defeated again.

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