Golden Jubilee

I was listening to the news and the reporter made mention of returning to the gold standard, immediately when he said it, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said “Jubilee”. Now I am not a financial specialist, but I am a researcher and when the Spirit of God says something to me, I will research to discover what the Lord is meaning by what He is saying. I began by looking up when we as a nation got off the gold standard, for I had heard of the gold standard, but did not know much about it and I came to find out, it was in 1971 that America got off of the gold standard. Now my interest is peaked, for 1971 to 2020 is 49 years and a Hebrew Jubilee is 7 times 7 years, so 49 years. That means that 2020 will be the Jubilee year for the gold standard.

Some may be saying, I thought Jubilee means 50, it does, but the Hebrews would count 7 times 7 years until the jubilee, so 49 years, this was the first of two years of the jubilee, for the jubilee was to be two Sabbath years when the land got to rest, property was restored, menservants and maidservants were free to leave and when debts were canceled. Therefore, technically, the jubilee is a 2 year experience, with years 49 and 50. Jonathan Cahn in his book the Mystery of the Shemitah explains this in great detail and it is very insightful, if you want to learn more about the jubilee years.

Now with that said, if America got off the gold standard in 1971 and 2020 is the beginning of the jubilee for that event, then is it possible we will see a Golden Jubilee in 2020 or 2021? I don’t know, I just know God said to me as I was listening to this man talk about the gold standard, the Lord said, “Jubilee”. To add to this thought, as I was studying jubilee, I learned that there are various jubilee’s at anniversaries and for a 50th anniversary they call it the golden jubilee. For me, this sealed the deal, 2020-2021 is going to be a golden jubilee for us as a nation, we are about to have a golden jubilee.

What do I mean by a golden jubilee? Gold in the bible obviously represents wealth, but gold is also spoken of as purity, for to make gold you have to remove the impurities by fire. Gold is representative in scripture of glory, like the glory of God, the presence of God, the power of God. I believe that the golden jubilee we are about to enter into is a jubilee of the power, presence, fire, and glory of God on a level we have not seen before in our generation. I see a golden jubilee coming to bring about a change in the earth realm that will leave us marking these two years, 2020-2021, as so distinct that life before these days will be a distant memory.

Many prophets have said, we have entered a new era, that God is about to unveil the new wine skin, that we have never gone this way before, that old ways will not work in this new era. I believe they are absolutely right, but I also believe we cannot even begin to comprehend how massive this golden jubilee will be and how far reaching it will go. I don’t think we even have vernacular for it, yet, for we have not experienced it, yet. But, what I do believe, is that God is going to show up and show off in a way that all the earth will see the glory of God on earth as it is in heaven. This is not the second coming of Christ, this is going to be a golden jubilee, a reset like none we have ever known. I see a golden jubilee.

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