Instantaneous Eruption

What if the news is prophesying? What if God is speaking clearly through certain events? What if the messages being sent, are from God Himself, not man? Is it possible, the Lord has stepped down into our earth realm to say something, like in the days of Moses? Westerners struggle with the supernatural because they have been indoctrinated in the scientific. If it can’t be proven scientifically then many westerners don’t believe it is probable. But, the Bible was not written to or about westerners, it was written to and about Hebrews or easterners. The Bible is mystical in may ways, significantly supernatural and accessible to us, if we will allow ourselves to not be so rational, that we cannot be Biblical. Someone once said, many people are locked out of the Bible, because they read it with their head and not their spirit. We are spirit beings, when God breathed into Adam in Genesis 2, He made Him a living spirit. We, like the first Adam, are living spirits, we are invited to be supernaturally natural, so we can become naturally supernatural. This does not mean we are flaky people, it means we are faith people. We know God is invisible, but we also know He is alive, that He has a voice and that He speaks. We know that He is intimately involved in the affairs of men and women on earth, whether we recognize it or not. And when we know His nature, we can see His activity, and give Him the credit that is due Him for being God.

I was reading an article in the news dated December 10, 2019 at 1:11pm and the headline said, “WHITE ISLAND VOLCANO ERUPTS IN BAY OF PLENTY: SIX DEAD, EIGHT MISSING; 30 IN HOSPITAL” ( When I saw this headline, I immediately knew God was speaking something significant, but I needed to put all the pieces together to get the message He was speaking. As I put the puzzle pieces together this is what I learned, White Island or Whakaari which means to make visible; expose to view, has a volcano located on it, that is not habitable to humans and technically, people were not supposed to be on the island, because the volcano was volatile and could erupt at any moment. But, true to human nature, we do not like to be told no, so a cruise ship company would give tours to the island, but they had to navigate rough seas to get their cruise ship named Ovation, to the island for those who wanted to see the island and tour the volcano.

The island is located in the Bay of Plenty. We have White Island and white represents righteousness in scripture (Isaiah 1:18), located in the Bay of Plenty (speaks of abundance) has a mountain on it, which is a volcano. Six people died, the number six represents the number of man/flesh (Revelation 13:17-18) and this all happens in New Zealand. My friend shared these thoughts, Nehemiah 2:14 says, “Then I moved on toward the fountain gate and the king’s pool, but there was not enough room for my beast (flesh) to get through.” Flesh cannot get through to the presence of God, it will die in the process. Then she added, there is new zeal here, quoting Isaiah 59:17, “And He put on righteousness like a breastplate and a helmet of salvation on His head, and He put on garments of vengeance for clothing and wrapped Himself with zeal as a mantle.” Now that all the puzzle pieces are assembled, here is what I believe God is saying prophetically to His church.

I believe White Island located in the Bay of Plenty represents God Himself, He is making visible His righteousness instantaneously and flesh is not going to be able to live in His presence. But as we watch Him erupt, we are going to give Him a standing ovation, for He is God alone. The days of man made glory are done, the true presence of God is upon us and no flesh will be able to glory in His presence (1 Corinthians 1:29). The fear of the Lord is going to be restored to the Church and the world as the glory of God instantaneously erupts. Nothing is going to be the same from this point on. For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, it is truly a new era we have entered into.

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