Dread Champions

The days of a passive Jesus picture are over, the new era is bringing a fresh revelation of Jesus the Christ as our dread champion. The days of weak, apathetic church is over, we must recognize the truth that Israel was an army and we as the church are called to be warriors. The whole narrative of the church is about to do an about face as dread champions arise with the Lord being the model dread champion. This will not be the recycling of an old model, this will be a new prototype of power not seen in the last era.

“A DREAD CHAMPION was a warrior who was chosen by the king to represent him and the nation he ruled in, to battle against his enemies, in 1:1 combat against a warrior chosen by the opposing king or ruler. The king chose one warrior from his best, bravest, mightiest, and most loyal warriors. The winner took all for his nation or king. There was usually a lot of prestige, honor and prizes given to the winner by his king. Using a champion chosen by the king meant many lives were spared through battle, as long as both kings were in agreement to the rules and no one went back on his word at the end of the competition. The KING’S CHAMPION often won battle after battle, after all, he was the best warrior the King had and was dreaded by the king’s enemies, thus he became the “DREAD CHAMPION of the King”.

– Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

These dread champions will be seen in every area of society for the Lord loves people and He loves His church and He loves Israel. Dread champions will make people inside strong, will restore courage and like King David will activate a passive army with one smooth stone. There is no going back, everything is changing for the glory of God.

Jeremiah 20:11 “The LORD is with me like a dread champion!”

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