In prayer this morning the Lord opened my ears to hear in the spirit the hearts cries of men and women who recognize they have aligned themselves with a losing team. The ache in them is because they’ve gained the whole world, but lost their soul and now they see it.

The challenge they are facing is what they are going to have to sacrifice to get out. They have built their whole life around a losing lie and they hadn’t seen it until now. To get out would mean great loss and for some even death because of how controlled they are by the system.

I can hear their anguish in the spirit, they see where their alignment is leading them and they want out but the price of that decision is very high. I heard some specific names and prayed for the Lord to make a way of escape to snatch them from the fire. They want out, but their so deep in. I kept hearing the Lord assure them it will be worth the sacrifice, but the choice is theirs.

We are in a time of escape, rescue and deliverance right now. Many see what’s coming and will jump ship before the “Titanic” goes down.

Pray my friends for God knows the hearts cry of those who want out but recognize the price they are going to have to pay and it scares them. Pray they see the pearl of great price and leave it all for they see His value!

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