Spirit of the Air

Spiritual battles are fought with spiritual weapons. The war has been and continues to be spiritual, don’t take the bait and make it personal. Remember there is nothing new under the sun. Spiritual warriors who know how to pray, we are dealing with an Absalom spirit. Scripturally this spirit was hung on an oak tree between heaven and earth and it’s donkey kept going so it was left hanging there (2 Samuel 18).

Absalom is a usurper spirit, it promises the people justice the king didn’t give them as a way to turn them away from the king (2 Samuel 15). This spirit enthrones itself as king with the help of its friends (2 Samuel 16). It is a spirit operating in the background, it’s an invisible enemy.

Spiritual warriors who know how to deal with the spirits in the air, this is what we are dealing with right now. A new spirit may arise when this one is cast down, but right now this one is front and center. Go into your closet, onto your threshing floor, into your sanctuary and pray. This is not emotional this is spiritual, those who are spiritual must fight with the weapons of the spirit. (Ephesians 6) (2 Corinthians 10).

The fight is not for a victory it is to break this spirit off our nation. We must remove the interference in the airways for the people to see and hear for the great awakening of nations is upon us.

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