Sitting In the Selah

Day 19 – Feasting On John 19

A good drama whether on tv or at the movies has plot twists, suspense, intrigue, a great story line and actors who play their part flawlessly. Dramas capture your attention, pull on your emotions and bring you into the story. Many people love watching a good drama, but living one is not as pleasant.

Drama is hard to live, not knowing the outcome, being unclear of people’s motives, actions and reactions. We get emotional, reactionary, angry, distant or silent when we are living a drama. The emotional stress makes us physically tired, drama is challenging when it’s being lived out in now time.

The trial and execution of Jesus in John 19, if we actually put ourselves in the story step by step is filled with drama. If we look for a sermon rather than a story we miss much of the stories significance. These were real people like me and you living a real life, slow down and listen, watch, engage in the story. History was being made in that moment and many missed it in now time. Slow down, listen, watch, wonder, let it touch your heart.

This story with all its drama ends with three phases in John 19…I Thirst! …Sour Wine… and It Is Finished! Oh how we groan when a story ends like this, but if we will sit in the “It Is Finished” we will learn things about ourselves. Our thoughts reveal our hearts in It Is Finished moments. We are in a moment like this again and your heart is sharing things with you about what you believe you need to hear. Listen in the It Is Finished!

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