Peace Be With You

Day20 – Feasting On John 20

Shut doors are a common theme in the word of God. God shut the door behind Noah (Genesis 7); the widow shut the door to pour oil (2 Kings 4); the church in Laodecia is said to be behind a shut door Jesus is knocking on (Revelation 3); and right here in John 20 it says the disciples were behind shut doors out of fear of the Jews.

The church is famous for quoting Revelation 3’s shut door that says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” This is a go to evangelism scripture and revival truth. These verses have served us well in the body of Christ and will continue to do so, but it’s a new day.

John 20 is about a new day, Mary arrives early in the morning on this new day to find a stone rolled away. She sees two angels and Jesus on this new day. She is then told to go tell the disciples what she knows, so she goes. They see, but the Bible says, they still don’t understand, so they hide behind a shut door out of fear. This is so us, we see so much and understand so little, but it’s a new day.

On this new day, Jesus doesn’t knock, doesn’t ask permission, doesn’t need anyone’s opinion, He just shows up in the room, the house, the place where they are hidden behind a shut door. He says 4 words to them, PEACE BE WITH YOU! Peace in Greek means, set at one again, national tranquility, harmony, security, prosperity, safety, quietness, rest. Jesus decreed this and it was so. No opinions needed.

In this new day we are in, Jesus is showing up in nations, not knocking, waiting, asking for permission, He is entering the room and decreeing PEACE BE WITH YOU! We see evidence of this in the Middle East and this is only the beginning because these peace deals were made with Israel and many other nations, only God can do this. Israel is always God’s first fruits so this should not surprise us.

Almighty God is showing up in nations who have lived behind shut doors and He’s doing it because He is God and it’s a new day. The earth is the Lords…Jesus was given the nations as His inheritance…He owns it all, so He gets to do whatever He wants to do and He is entering and saying PEACE BE WITH YOU…America (name your nation). Welcome to the new day where God does it His way because He is Yahweh!

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