Wide Open Spaces

Don’t settle into what is around you for it will lead to apathy. Rather lift up your eyes about you and see that the Lord has tried us with trials; refined us with fire; brought us through water; and now we are entering into a place of abundance. Shake off the dust of what you’ve been through for that mindset won’t service you where we are going. The days of hunkering down, closing up, and barely making it are behind us. A land of abundance is in front of us. The direction you are looking in is speaking to what you are seeing. Look again, can you see the spacious land ahead of us.

We have come through what is behind us, we are not going back into it. We are going into life, light, freedom, spacious places. Turn your eyes from where you’ve been to where you’re going. The land we are entering into is nothing like where we’ve been. It’s going to require us to think differently, we will need to think life; think abundance; think righteousness; understand peace; and experience joy. Wide open spaces are holy places and this is where we’re going. Come on, it’s going to be better than you could have ever imagined.

Psalm 66:10-12 “For You have tried us, O God;

You have refined us as silver is refined.

You brought us into the net;

You laid an oppressive burden upon our loins.

You made men ride over our heads;

We went through fire and through water,

Yet You brought us out into a place of abundance.”

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