New Day!

Details Matter!

The story of the Resurrection is not a one color story, it is multi-colored and very detailed. There are many characters identified, intrinsic imagery presented and little details very rarely talked about. When a story is familiar, finding the details makes it come alive in a fresh way.

Luke 24:1 is very detailed and beautiful in its imagery. Listen to it…”on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared.” It speaks of a new beginning; a new week, a new day. Everything was new that day and they came prepared for an old burial. But it was a new day, for this burial did not yield a body to embalm.

I love that they came prepared as was the custom to do, but when there was no body on this new day, it Immediately put them in the New New Day. Everything changed and they dropped their prepared spices for a typical day and entered into that open door of a whole new day!

This is no ordinary story this year, today April 4, 2021 is an open door to a brand new day. The stone, the gate, the door that has kept you out is now open and you get to go in. The wait is over, take of the grave clothes, send away the weeping women, dry your tears, for I am announcing to you, this is the beginning of a New Day!

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