Something Brand New

Can you sense it in the atmosphere, we are on the edge of a great outpouring of the likes we’ve never seen or heard in our generation. What we’ve only read and heard about is going to be our new reality. The atmosphere is electric with expectation.

A couple things the Lord is cautioning us on as we walk right into this revealing of God’s awakening of the nations is that, one we don’t get ahead of God. We’ve never been this way before and we need to guard against making it something we’ve seen or heard about. It’s not another “Jesus people movement”; it’s not another “tent revival”; it’s not another “platform revival”; it’s not a past move of God, this will be brand new.

A second thing we need to guard our hearts against is missing miracles because we are so comfortable with medical. A friend said to me yesterday the Lord is convicting her of having more knowledge and faith in medical knowledge than faith and knowledge in God’s miracle working power. When we are trained, familiar and experienced in a field like medical we call miracles something medical. And those who are more confident in medicine to heal than God’s healing power, will miss miracles. We need to guard our hearts in this area.

Finally, we need to guard our hearts against judgement about other believers. Many times we see in others what God is trying to tell us about ourselves. Pull the tree out of your own eye, then you’ll be able to see the speck in your brothers eye is what Jesus said. Give yourself grace and give others grace, no one has arrived we are all on this journey of faith. The word of God is a mirror to reveal you to you and reveal the nature of God to you. Make the word your priority and God will cut down the tree in your eye so you can see the gold in everyone around you.

We are about to swept up in the wonder, majesty and the power of God in the nations. We were born for the supernatural but we must not be so stuck in the natural and not see it before it arrives. Shake yourself loose of the lockdown and rejoice for God is visiting us again!

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