Coming Down and Building Up

The atmosphere in the nation and in the heavens is active, accelerated and alive with much movement. This heavenly and earthly convergence can cause some to be anxious, others to angry and still some to be in anticipation/expectation. Whenever there is movement in heaven and on earth at the same time, everyone can sense it. The challenge for us as believers is to not be thrown to and fro by feelings of our own or of others. Be still is the call for us right now.

Be still is an invitation into contentment, a call to trust God in the depth of your soul, to be aware, to observe, but not to run ahead of God, or lag behind Him. When He says move, move; when He says, speak, speak; when He says sit, sit; when He says go, go. But in the midst of it all, the call is to live in the now, live in this moment, absorb all that is happening in this moment. It is alive with His presence, He is very near and easy to hear, if you just lean in and live in the moment.

The wounded soul will tell you to stop or hurry up, but it would encourage you to trust, wait, watch, wonder, stand in awe, right in this moment. But this is your secret weapon, for right now strongholds are coming down at an accelerated pace and simultaneously God is building up His blueprint for the new wine skin. We are in the midst of what Jeremiah was told was the uproot, tear down and destroy, as well as the build and plant. Both are happening right now henceforth, all the movement on earth and in heaven. If you can live in the moment, know His name is near, you will hear the sound of strongholds coming down and you will see the new blueprint of what God is unveling. These are truly incredible days to be alive. #Psalm75

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