Time for an Exam

When we see symptoms in our body, it is an indicator that there is something physically wrong with us, and it prompts us to go to the doctor to find out what is happening. When we arrive at the doctor’s office, depending on the measure of the exam or the procedure they want to perform, we are told we must remove the clothes we are wearing and put on the robe they have prepared for us.

Once we are dressed in that specific robe, the exam begins, the procedure happens. There is nothing comfortable about this experience, but it is necessary if you want to deal with that which is happening in your body and continue to live. However, some people are not willing to go to the doctor because of their pride, which is rooted in fear of hearing the truth about their condition, so they would rather live sick, than face the truth and become well.

Most are willing to undress and put on a robe for a man/woman who went to school, obtained a degree and now carries the title doctor, so they can be physically restored, but very few are willing to undress from their self-protection in the presence of the Great Physician, who bled, died, was buried, rose again, then was given the name that is above all names. Jesus wants you to undress from your self-protection in His presence so He can put on you the robe of righteousness, then do an exam or a procedure to restore your soul.

When we are comfortable remaining sick, even when we see the symptoms of powerlessness, lack of authority, inability to hear God’s voice, character flaws or rotten fruit coming from our life and lips, we reveal to God our pride, which is rooted in fear. Our fear of being exposed for who we really are keeps us hidden in our own eyes, but seen in all our weakness before others. The Lord is wanting to do an exam on us corporately as a Church and individually as people. But we must be willing to remove our self-protection and put on the robe of righteousness, then hear the truth that will heal us and follow the instructions our Great Physician gives us. Then we will live and not die and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I hear the doctor’s office calling now.

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