Wrestling With Soveriegnty

Transition is a challenging place, because it is continually fluid, it feels unstable, it does not forward us the privilege of being comfortable. When one person is in transition, it is more manageable because we can watch them go through it, but when nations are in transition that makes everything unstable. The atmosphere is charged with instability right now, and everyone is experiencing it, for we are in an international transition. The way we deal with this transition is dependent upon our level of faith in God as sovereign.

Many people are wrestling right now with the sovereignty of God. They can’t control the timing of anything that is going on, but they can see and hear many things happening. Welcome to wrestling with sovereignty. We have all heard God is sovereign, meaning God gets to do whatever God wants, but the truth is, most of us haven’t come this close to His sovereignty where literally we have no control over an outcome and especially the timing of it. We actually wrestle with sovereignty often, but instead of surrendering to it, we make our own way apart from it. Not this time though, God is not going to let us, as the nations, go this time. He is going to allow us to wrestle with His sovereignty until we surrender to Him and His plan for the nations.

Surrender is scary for those who don’t really know who God is. The idea of someone, God, being in control of everything, especially timing, is not something most people are comfortable with. We like to do things in our timing, especially since we are adults, and don’t like to be told what to do. But God is our Father, and we will always be His children, no matter our age, and He is not going to let us win this wrestling match of timing. He has a set time for what He is doing in the earth and no man, no woman, not nothing is going to change His sovereign timing on the unfolding of events.

The best thing we can do is shake off the dust of the last era, stand confident in the current transition and throw your hands in the air as a sign of surrender, knowing full well, none of us are going to be able to do anything to change God’s timing on this major change we are in. When it opens for us to see, we will rejoice greatly for our God is better to us than any of us realize, so stop wrestling with sovereignty and just surrender.

Isaiah 52:10 “The Eternal has flexed His muscles, bared His holy arm for the world to see His power; Every nation, every person, every place on earth will witness the victory of our God.”

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