Airwaves Narrative

The airwaves over this nation are not determined by the main stream media, they are determined by those who carry the message they are hearing. The message that resonates with us is the message we carry on and put into the airways. If we want to cleanse the airwaves over our nation, so healing flows into our bodies, faith rises in our hearts, deliverance happens with a word, salvation manifests everywhere, we must become carriers of good news. Our words seed the atmosphere and affect the airwaves. We can’t just praise on Sunday morning when the worship team starts to sing, we can’t just worship when the right song comes on the radio and think this is going to shift the atmospheres over our cities, over our nation. No, we must chose to carry one message, repeat one report, dispense one truth, that Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords.

All this sharing of what the enemy is doing in our nation, all this reiterating of what the news is saying, all it is doing is cluttering the airwaves in your own heart, in your own city, in your own nation. I realize we live in the world, I understand about being informed, but the challenge is most people are more informed about the news than they are the word of God. We freely share the latest news report about this variant or that mandate, but we are not sharing, we are not promoting what God is doing. We are not dispensing the truth we read in the word that day, or the latest revelation we received. Church, we are not called to carry the news of the nations as our primary talking points. We are called to seed each other with faith and faith comes by hearing the word of God. The word washes the atmosphere, the word cleanses the country, the word is what sets us free. Not more information about politics, three letter agencies, or evil doers.

We are the church, we have been given governmental authority in the land in which we live, we are the voice that sets the course for where we are going. Start speaking, start sharing, start prophesying what is going to happen in your city, in your family, in your country. The days of being passive and waiting to see what is going to happen are over. Speak about what God is doing. Praise the Lord in all your conversations. Lift up your voice and declare the faithfulness of God. Everyone can see and feel the darkness, but people are looking for the light, shine my friends, shine, shout, sing, in the streets not just on Sunday morning. We have been given the authority to change the atmosphere with our mouth.

Psalm 98:4-6 “Raise your voices; make a beautiful noise to the Eternal, all the earth. Let your joy explode into song and praise; Make music to the Eternal with the harp; sing a beautiful melody with the harp and chorus. With trumpets and horns, fill the air with joyful sounds to the King, the Eternal.”

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