Abundance All Around

Have you ever cried out for more? Have you ever prayed for abundance? As people we see abundance as larger bank account balances, bigger houses, nicer cars. We call people rich who have things we want. But biblical abundance is not what we call abundance. Biblical abundance is seen when you watch the abundance of rain fall from the sky; when you think of how many people are alive on the earth right now; when you contemplate the number of trees on the earth; or the size of the waves that dance in oceans the world over.

God is abundance, He is generous with everything He owns. When we cry out for more, what we really are asking for is access to abundance. What we have yet to learn is how to access God’s abundant resources, how to steward them well. But if you think there’s not enough of everything it’s time to slow down, watch the rain fall, try to count the blades of grass, stick your feet on the sand on one beach or look at the birds of the sky. Abundance is everywhere, just lift up your eyes and look around. We have a very generous God!

Psalm 104:31 “Let the glory (abundance) of the LORD endure forever; Let the LORD be glad in His works;”

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