Be Fruitful and Multiply

I’m sitting on the patio 10 stories up with the ocean at my feet reading Psalm 105 and it begins to speak about how God gave Israel the land of Ham which is Egypt. This led me to Genesis 6 because Ham is one of the sons of Noah. While reading in Genesis 6 the Lord opens my eyes to the reality that homosexuality is a construct that seeks to stop multiplication. It is a subtle way of inviting population control.

When we went to the Georgia Guidestones in July, to tear down that demonic altar it was clearly stated, etched in marble the desire of the enemy to control the population. An unbeliever that was there even spoke about how creepy that was. We had a chance to witness to that very girl about the God of life abundance and increase. Now reading Genesis 6 it speaks about how God sent male and female onto the ark because when the flood was over he was going to have them be fruitful and multiply again.

The enemy seeks to stop multiplication by distorting peoples understanding about many subjects, homosexuality just being one of them. But the Lord has put a desire in every living soul to be fruitful and multiply. It is not a matter of sexual preference it is the enemy seeking to distort design. However, the enemy cannot destroy the desire to be fruitful and multiply because God put that in every living soul while they were being created in their mothers womb. 

The enemy does not have the power to destroy what God has planted in us, he may distort it, he may delay it, he may even discount it but if God put it in us the enemy cannot take it out of us. That is why every living soul has a desire to be fruitful and multiply even those who have bought in to the distorted understanding of sexuality are seeking to adopt because you cannot destroy the desire to be fruitful and multiply.

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