God does everything bigger! Sitting on this patio 10 stories above the beach looking below and hearing the sound of seagulls singing, waves crashing, and a gentle breeze blowing. The word comes alive again with the smell of salt water to my soul. God does everything bigger! We make Him our size and then we get anxious, fearful, angry, bitter, but why? The reason is because we have shrunk God down to our “manageable” size. God does everything bigger! He likes big waves, big boats, big dreams, big miracles, big, big, big in our eyes but nothing too big for Him, for He is God.

The best thing about perspective is that it changes based on what we see. When we live in tight quarters our perspective shrinks and we don’t even realize it. When we live in wide open spaces our perspective increases, our vision goes wider, and our thoughts soar further. Perspective is a powerful gift that we have been given and many of us need a perspective change so that we can see how big our God really is. When we see even a glimpse of His bigness we understand how the woman could touch the edge of His garment and be healed. We begin to realize that He literally casts our sins as far as the east is from the west. And the goal of a perspective change is to establish in us a new thought pattern about how we view God in the magnitude of who He is.

When we sing songs like His love is like the ocean when you’re looking at the ocean that song comes alive in a fresh new way. When we think of the song here comes another wave of revival it takes on a whole new meaning when you’re looking at the waves.The word of God is picturesque, it is detailed, it has depth and it has height, but it also takes imagination to envision how big the boat really was that Noah built or how rough those seas really were when Jesus woke up and said peace be still.

God does everything bigger our job is to not shrink Him down in our eyes but to lift Him up and let him be God because He’s about to do what we are going to consider some really big things. I’m looking out into the ocean where the water line meets the skyline and I’m telling you God is about to do something big!

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