Court Is About To Be In Session

Everyone has what I call first belief. It’s what you believed first. It’s hard to hear new things not because there not true, but because first belief is like a bull dog that won’t let go of what you first believed. In regards to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and the Bible is the word of God, no you don’t want to change your first belief.

The new era ministers are going to challenge your first beliefs with truth that cannot be denied, but some will struggle to believe it because they first believed their denominations not the word of God; others first believed the cultural gospel not the gospel of Jesus Christ. This showdown will be similar to Elijah on Mt. Carmel with the prophets of Baal. For many false teachers and false prophets (1 Peter 2) have been speaking a lot and loud. Henceforth the coming showdown.

The Elijah prophets/mouthpieces will not back down from the truth written in scripture; they will not submit to the cultural political correctness; and they will not be people pleasers. They will have a fierce love for God and people; they are armed with revelation; they know their God and they will defend His name before any false prophets, false shepherds or false teachers who have led the sheep astray. As the people watch/hear this showdown, just like in the days of Mt. Carmel, the people will be silent for their first belief and first first love will be activated by the truth, but their belief in what the prophets of Baal told them will war inside them to keep them bound.

The Elijah company will not argue the doctrines of men or demons, they will manifest the truth of God’s word in power. They will not be coming with a message about you or themselves they are coming with the truth of Jesus Christ. It will be a courtroom scene spiritually as both sides present will go back and forth as the sheep, the people waver between two opinions. But in the end, the truth of Jesus Christ will prevail again and the people will be set free to follow Jesus not a man, not a denomination, nor a ministry.

This showdown is fast approaching and nothing can stop it, for the truth is marching on and you can join the procession of power with the Elijah company or you can remain in the slavery of the Baal system, the choice is always your, but you won’t be able to say, I didn’t know, for the evidence will be overwhelming. I pray first belief of a denomination or another belief from culture doesn’t keep you from the truth that sets you free! The court is about to be in session.

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