Footsteps of God

In church this morning at Hope UC Nashville, during worship, I felt the footsteps of God coming near us. It was so real that I bent over and began to move with the sound as He drew closer and closer. At one point I felt like I was having contractions. His footsteps were rhythmic not random and I sensed His presence so strong in this encounter that when we transitioned to communion I was struggling to come out of the encounter and engage with the words being spoken.

Then Pastor Dustin Smith spoke on Jericho and he invited the kids in the room to grab the hands of their parents and shout for their families when they heard the sound of the shofar blew. The kids did that and it was powerful. Then the adults were added to the shout at the sound of the shofar. The sound of families and the shofar shouting was piercing and powerful. Something has changed in this city and it is palatable.

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