A Mighty Eagle Is Coming

Prophetic words can be trusted, stood on and fulfilled if they come from God. Prophetic words that we make up in our own sanctified imaginations do not have that guarantee. For me personally, when God speaks to me there is always a Bible verse that will be connected to it, so I know that was not just me but it really was Him. Years ago the Lord spoke to me about the abortion industry in America. He said it would be destroyed to such a measure it would be remembered no more. I remember clearly, Him showing me the image of the mighty eagle in the game Angry Birds that I used to play, where the mighty eagle would come in and the wind from the eagles wings would destroy all the pigs on that level. This wind from the mighty eagle’s wings would wipe everything out in one fail swoop. The Lord showed me this picture in my mind’s eye and said, “This is how I am going to wipe out the abortion industry in America.” I saw this mighty eagle come across the USA from East to West with no trace of it remaining once this wind blew.

I had received this vision while on my threshing floor, praying, back in Kansas City, now today, moments ago, I am reading Revelation 6:13 and the Lord says “This is your verse for that prophetic word I gave you.” Revelation 6:13 “The stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind.” The presence of God wafted into the room and I can still at this moment sense His presence. My friends, I tell you with confidence the abortion industry in America will be wiped out with a great wind of God and it will be remembered no more. It will come from the East, sweep across the nation and be cast out to sea off the West coast. Watch for it, for it shall come to pass, because God said it, and now I have a verse on it, so I can stand on this word.

The other reason we need Biblical backing for our prophetic words is because when people argue with us about what God says, it’s not your fight, for its not your words, your message, your idea, your declaration. Prophets of God are just town criers, they hear the message of the King and share it with the people, they have no opinion, no agenda, no need for your approval for they didn’t say it so they don’t take it personally if you don’t like it. Oh God that you would raise up Biblical prophets in our day and age!

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