Feast of Tabernacles and Old Oil Fields

This morning my You Tube subscribers list caught my attention when I read “M4.7 strikes Los Angeles California at old oil fields of Carson, CA”. Hearing of an earthquake in California is not surprising, but hearing that it struck at OLD OIL FIELDS, this made me stand up and take notice.

A few years back the Lord sent me to Black Gold Park near Tulsa, OK for a prophetic adventure in which I was told to take an arrow and strike the ground. I did as I was told and later evidence came forth in newspaper articles that America was one of the larger oil producers in the world. I thought that was the end of that. Then today, when I read this, I remembered that prophetic adventure, along with other ones I took all over the country to re-dig the old wells of revival. One revival well was in Los Angeles, CA at Azusa Street.

Prayers may take months, years or even decades to answer, but when God answers them or sends a message like this to encourage us, that OLD OIL FIELDS are being shaken, it’s just a sign that makes you wonder at it’s prophetic significance.

I know many intercessors have been striking the ground in prayer for many years in this nation, and i am honored to join with your voices. Let’s keep striking the ground, let’s keep praying, let’s keep crying out for this nation, our prayers are not going unnoticed in the ear of God. One day, probably sooner than we realize, oil fields will spring forth. But for now, is it possible, this is a statement from heaven, as Feast of Tabernacles is about to begin? This feast happened during the Olive Oil harvest! Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

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