Thinking Tri-Dimensionally

History, current reality and legacy, the God who was, who is and who is to come! We reveal our understanding of abundance when we think tri-dimensionally. History is an abundance of stories that teach us lessons we need to live in our current reality. When we honor history, we are accessing an abundance of wisdom, truth, and revelation. It is waiting for us to access it for our benefit, but if we refuse to access it, we are cutting ourselves off from abundance. We carry more history in our DNA that any of us realize, we are carrying generations that have gone before us in our current reality. Hebrews 11:39-40 says, “Those who went before us did not receive the fullness of the promise, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they would not be made perfect”. History meeting current reality. You are blessed if you understand the history that brought you to this current reality.

In like fashion you are blessed if you think, prepare and invest in legacy. Thinking abundantly, accessing abundance is not just for you in your lifetime, it is for the generations that will come after you. Legacy is about thinking abundantly for those coming after me. Generations of people are going to live after we die, we will join the realm of history once we leave our current reality, but what type of legacy will you leave? I want generations after to me to not wage war the way I have had to, I want to leave a legacy of peace, prosperity, integrity, authenticity, beauty. When we think legacy we are operating in abundance, but when we think we are the final generation on earth, then we reveal our poverty, for we will not plan to leave behind a blessing for our legacy.

The God who was (history), who is (current reality) and who is to come (legacy) is a God of abundance and He is preparing for future generations long beyond our current reality. We must think legacy, longevity, and prosperity, not for us alone but for those who will come after us, for we are but a vapor, but He is eternal and there are many coming after us. May we not be remembered as the ones who wanted out of here, so we just kept ourselves busy, but may we be remembered as ones that occupied, invested, and prepared for those coming after us. Abundance is thinking historically, current reality and legacy.

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