It’s Going To Be Cinematic

The Father is so powerful and so creative the enemy has no clue where He’s been or where He’s headed. Think about it, the Father used the death of Jesus to defeat death; He used the rod of Aaron turned snake to defeat the snakes of Pharaoh’s magicians; He used poverty to defeat poverty (He became poor so we could become rich); I could go on and on how God used the very thing that was trying to destroy us to defeat the enemy. This is one reason why the Bible says, “he who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying.” It’s not conventional but it’s effective every time.

Now with that being said and that precedence being established in both the Old and the New Testament consider this…God is using corruption to defeat corruption; He is using concealed things to defeat concealed things; He is using voices to defeat voices; He is using people to defeat people. We are in a war of the likes we do not fully understand because we are not privy to enough information. However, if you listen carefully and watch closely, you can see how in true God fashion the enemy is being defeated by his own weapons.

God has a history of making the enemy think he is winning when the truth is God is working a very creative master plan of the likes few can see because the cloud of war has blocked their view and hindered their hearing. But I am here to tell you that I’ve not only read about this strategy of God in warfare but I’ve experienced it and I didn’t understand it for the longest time but now I can see it I can hear it. So watch, listen, because God is about to use lack to defeat lack; God is about to use the enemies weapons to defeat the enemy. God is about to be glorified in the nations in a way very few see coming. It’s going to be majestic, cinematic and will cause you to be ecstatic!

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