Training To Carry Glory

Warnings have been going out from trusted prophets that we are headed into a bumpy road. Some of you may say it has been bumpy for the past year and a half with the various challenges we have faced as the nations with C19. And that is very true, but the bumps will not cease just yet, which compounds challenges because of what many of you are facing in your personal lives with jobs, spouses, kids, personal challenges internally. It all seems to be coming together as the storm of the century and many are struggling greatly. Words of comfort, help soothe the pain in challenging moments, but they are temporary relief. If you are in a time of challenge, we speak words of comfort to you, we speak words of hope and life to you, we are hear to encourage you, for you do not need any other words at this time in your life. But for you that are not having a challenge that you can’t seem to come out from under, I want to tell you, don’t stop training, don’t stop reading your bible, don’t stop praying. Your private training will be a blessing to you when the next challenge arises.

I say this because the days of distress are never permanent, but they are challenging and Solomon in Proverbs 24 says, “If you are slack in the day of distress, Your strength is limited.” Days of distress reveal our internal strength to us. We realize how much we can handle and when we cannot handle any more when days of distress come. It’s like going to the gym, I can lift a certain amount of weight, but as I go consistently and keep pushing myself, I get stronger and I find the current weight becomes lighter, so I move up to a heavier weight. Why? Not because I am looking to become a body builder, but because I want to be stronger, so when I am needing to lift more I have the strength to do it. My friends, train yourself in godliness, even if you think you are strong, it’s only because the amount of weight you are lifting right now you have trained for, but when something heavier comes it’s going to reveal you need to keep training. For those who have ears to hear, keep training, we are going to need to lift more weight in the coming days. Remember, the glory is weighty and we are called to carry it.

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