Life Is Good

Today the state of Tennessee is having a statewide day of fasting, prayer and humility as we seek Gods heart, voice and will for our state as we move forward in the days ahead. I am so thankful to Autumn for posting this, to our Governor Mr. Lee for agreeing to this and to my Apostolic leader Dustin for speaking truth every week to our congregation. Kiley, Autumn’s husband bought me a coffee cup this weekend that said, Life Is Good and he said, I thought this sums up how you feel being here in Tennessee. He is absolutely correct. This family we live with, these people we are surrounded by and this state’s leadership all make life really good in this place. Deuteronomy 28 says, I set before you this day death and life, choose life. God is life and He is the best choice I ever made and I keep making. What a great day for Tennessee to engage in prayer, humility and fasting.

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