Justice Is Coming As Healing

I sense the answer to the bloods voice that’s crying out from the earth for all the injustices that have been done against it. I sense the bloods voice crying out for justice, will manifest in every kind of healing, for sickness is an injustice in our bodies and just like the land, we are earth made people and we are crying out as well.

With both the land and people crying out for justice from the sickness, the spirit of infirmity, the broken covenants, and every other injustice that has brought pain to the land into our lives, the Lord hears our prayers and is answering us. He is going to release a manifestation of healing in the heights and in the depths, in the streets and in the sanctuary‘s healing is going to manifest everywhere in a variety of ways. He’s going to heal hurts, he’s going to heal bodies, he’s going to heal relationships, he’s going to heal finances, he’s going to heal brokenness, he’s going to heal companies, he’s going to heal educational systems, he’s going to heal cultures, he’s going to heal nations.

As I was praying with the book of Nehemiah this morning this is what I heard, this is what I saw, this is what I prayed for, and this I know is going to happen. Get ready for the manifestation of healing is going to completely change everything about us, our nation, our world. Remember Matthew 24 and all of the evidence that it speaks of are called birth pains. That means God is about to birth healing in the land. And every birth brings great rejoicing, people are about to smile again, laugh again, enjoy one another again.

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