Fresh and Familiar Winds Blowing

There is a window of opportunity that has opened for some and will open for many more. When this window opens a breeze will come in with two streams, one stream will be a fresh wind the other stream will be a familiar wind. As these two wind streams come in through the window of opportunity that is opening you are going to have a choice to make. Will you ride the wings of the familiar wind stream? Or will you lean in to the fresh wind stream? Both winds are blowing at this time through this window of opportunity that has opened. The wind you choose will determine whether you advance into the new thing God is doing or you go back to where you just came out of; or are just coming out of.

The Lord is always faithful to give us a choice, he will never force us to choose the fresh even though he knows that is His choice for us. The option of the familiar must be presented because rewards come from decisions that we make. Some of you have already sensed the winds of familiar blowing and you are resisting them knowing that the fresh wind is in the atmosphere and you can smell it. There are many characteristics of the familiar wind that are easily recognizable; but the fresh wind is blowing as well and though the path is unclear, you will know it is a fresh wind because the air you breathe will cause your dreams to soar.

I have chosen the fresh wind, I’m leaning in and though there are strong head winds blowing against my choice, I will not go back to the familiar, forward march I go.

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