Cosmic War Update

Much more is happening than the eyes can see and ears can hear. The cosmic war that has been taking place has been felt by many, but understood by few. The apostle Paul said, “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, powers, authorities in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6). Notice Paul did not say God’s battle, but rather our battle. My friends, there has been a cosmic battle happening in the heavenly places. Intercessors have been waging war from a place in the spirit for the victory to manifest on the earth.

Following the leading of the Holy Spirit people have gone to location destinations to make declarations, this was all part of the cosmic war. Others gathered in small and large groups to pray, prophecy and proclaim the victory God spoke to them about in the secret place. Still others have done daily prayer video blogs to encourage and inform the church about how to fight and keep on fighting in this cosmic war for the nations.

Jesus won the victory on Calvary, Satan was defeated that day, but we as people on earth must continue to maintain what Jesus gained by our prayer, inercession, lifestyles, words, attitudes, and works. This cosmic war has been intense, but the Lord always does the heavy lifting. We have the best Commander and Chief; Advocate and King; Jesus the Christ.

As I was praying Habakkuk 3 this morning, the Lord showed me where we are in this cosmic war, “In indignation You marched through the earth; In anger You trampled the nations. You went forth for the salvation of Your people, For the salvation of Your anointed. You struck the head of the house of the evil To lay him open from thigh to neck.” Selah. God has struck the head of the house of evil and we are about to see some of the exposure, so we never tolerate this evil again. God has yet again won a great victory on our behalf, the head of the house of evil has been struck and is about to be exposed, this is cause for rejoicing!

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